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I have a great desire for my children to memorize scripture and have signed up the oldest for a spelling bee type competition as I know she will think it great fun. My problem is I want to be consistent with scriptures. The church we go to has them memorize in NIV and NASB but I would much prefer KJV or NKJV. I read with interest your review of the different Bible versions in your book. I noticed that the copyright on your book is 2001 which is the same year as the English Standard Version. I liked what I read about it on the official web site but am wondering if you have an opinion on it before I jump in with both feet. Thank you. Roberta
Newer is not necessarily better.

If you want something generally more literal, then go with the NASB over the ESV. If you want something closer to a majority textual base, then go with the NKJV over the NASB. If you want something more quotable, go with the KJV over the NKJV.

When I use a published translation, I generally go with the NKJV. I do often compare with other translations (I have dozens), but I most often compare with the NASB. I stopped looking at the ESV because I was consistently disappointed — not that it was so very bad, but that it was rarely (if ever) better than the others. The ESV does have a great cross-reference system — apparently borrowed from the old Revised Version cross-references developed by FHA Scrivener.

Harvey Bluedorn

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