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I really need help. I know that nothing is wrong with KJV Bible but I am really wondering if anyone has knowledge about the Geneva Bible. Why or why not you use it. I would like to have it just because it is farther back in time, so in my extremely humble opinion, less corruption in the side notes. Where could I find out who these people are that commented in the Geneva Bible? Any wisdom on buying this would be greatly appreciated. It looks like it has some different versions too. Thanks, Kim Blair

I’ve read extensively out of the Geneva 1560 and the Geneva 1599. The translation is a lot like King James, some places better, a few places not. The style of English in the King James is more attractive. King James hated the Geneva notes so much that he promoted a new translation, and the rest is history. The translation was written in Geneva at about the same time the Bible was being translated into Spanish, French and Italian in Geneva as well. John Calvin’s influence is in the notes. John Knox was present and no doubt influenced them as well. I believe there is a modern spelling and typeset of the 1560 edition New Testament. Every other edition I’ve seen is a photographic reprint of the original 16th century typeset, where j looks like i, s looks f, u looks like v, and vv represents w. You get used to it after a while. Harvey Bluedorn

I would love to find a Geneva 1560 Bible (both testaments and the apocrypha) with the modern spelling and typesetting (as mentioned above). Do you have any information as to where one might purchase one? Thanks very much. Jeff Sagarin

Online, the original Geneva Bible 1560 photographed, pdf format

html format

in print

1560/1599 modern spelling in pdf format

Modern Spelling 1599 edition in print

Modern Spelling 1560 edition, apparently no longer in print, but available online
1560 Geneva New Testament: Also Known as the Pilgrim’s Bible (with Modern Spelling, Verb Endings, and Pronouns for Today’s Reader), edited by David L. Brown; William H. Noah

Harvey Bluedorn

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