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Jesus not able to do many works of power?

Why does it say in Mark 6:5 that Jesus was not able to do many works of power while in Nazareth?

XT Mark 6:1-6
6:1 So He went out from there [Capernaum], then He came into His own {native} country [Nazareth]; with His disciples accompanying Him. 6:2 And when {the} Sabbath {day} had come, He began to teach {regularly} in the synagogue; and many, while {they were} listening {to Him}, were {one by one} being amazed, saying, “Where {did He acquire} these things? And what {is} this wisdom which has been given to Him, and such works of power which are happening through His hands? 6:3 This is the carpenter, the son of Mary, {is it} not? And the brother of James, and Joses, and Judas, and Simon, {is it not}? And His sisters are right here with us, {are they} not? And {for these things} they were finding cause to be offended at Him.” 6:4 But Jesus was saying to them, “A prophet is not shown disrespect [/despised /dishonored /ignored], except in his own {native} country, and among his own relations, and in his own household.” 6:5 And He was not able to do any work of power there, except when He laid his hands upon a few feeble folk, He healed {them}. 6:6 And He was astonished on account of their unbelief. And He was traveling around the villages {with an entourage}, teaching in a circuit.

Matthew 13:58 Says “And He did not do many works of power there on account of their unbelief.” Because of the people’s prejudices against him, it was not proper that Jesus should do any works of power among them. They showed only contempt for Him, to their own detriment.

The Hebrews have a way of expressing themselves: when something is not fitting or proper, they say that it cannot be done, meaning only that it will not be done even though it could be done. Compare Genesis 19:22; 37:4; Jeremiah 44:22.

There was no lack of power or ability in Christ, but there was a lack of belief in the people. Not that their unbelief overmatched His power – for faith is the overpowering gift of God – but only that their spiritual condition was such that the ordinary opportunities which the Lord used to demonstrate His works of power were almost totally lacking in this location. Only a few came to Him with faith to ask for healing. Jesus could have healed their every disease without anyone ever asking, but this would not serve His purpose, which was not mere raw acts of power.

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