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Can you give us ideas for what books would be good to have to aid in our Bible Study time. We are going through the book of John now and we come across a word that we would like to know the original Greek meaning or root word, for example. What would Harvey suggest that would help us to examine the Scriptures and dig deeper into our study of the Word, keeping in mind neither one of us knows any Greek or Hebrew. Marilyn G.

1. Study Bible
–The Nelson Study Bible, NKJV: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997.
–New English Translation (on the internet, but also printed version with
extensive notes)

2. Bible Cross References
–The New Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, edited revised and expanded by Jerome
Smith. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1992.

3. Bible Dictionary
–Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
–The New Bible Dictionary International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

4. Bible Handbook, Bible Atlas
–Halley’s Bible Handbook
–The MacArthur Bible Handbook
–Nelson’s Complete Book of Bible Maps and Charts

5. Topical Bibles
–Nave’s Topical Bible

6. Greek and English Word Studies (for those who know little to nothing
about Greek and Hebrew)
–The New Strong’s Complete Dictionary of Bible Words, by James L. Strong.
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1996.
–The New Strong’s Expanded Dictionary of Bible Words
–Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
–Strong’s Concise Concordance and Vine’s Concise Dictionary of the Bible

7. Interlinears
–Berry’s Interlinear (older work, get the edition keyed to Strong’s numbers.)
–Green’s Interlinear (newer work, keyed to Strong’s numbers, can get just the New
Testament or the entire Bible)

8. KJV Concordances (Other translations have their own concordances.)
–Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance — arranged alphabetically by English words, with
numbers indicating the Greek and Hebrew words.
–Young’s Analytical Concordance — arranged alphabetically by English words, then
under the English word references are arranged by Greek or Hebrew words which are translated by the English word.

9. Theology
–John Gill’s Body of Divinity (older work, but very comprehensive, very
–Systematic Theology, by Wayne Grudem (modern work)

10. Smaller Commentary
–Matthew Henry Commentary (very devotional)
–Albert Barnes Commentary (more technical)
–John Gill’s Commentaries (very detailed)

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