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Westminster and Her Sisters

You can now purchase our first e-book, Westminster and Her Sisters. This 90 page document by Harvey Bluedorn sells in e-book form for $20.

Westminster and Her Sisters compares, in word-for-word detail,
the Westminster (Presbyterian) Confession (1648)
with its revisions:
the Savoy (Congregational) Declaration (1658) and
the Second London (Baptist) Confession (1677),
along with further American revisions:
the Saybrook (Congregational) Platform (1708),
the Philadelphia (Baptist) Confession (1742), and
the Philadelphia-NewYork (Presbyterian) Revision (1788) and later amendments.

Included is a brief synopsis of the history of the three English confessions and their American revisions. Also included is a table which marks the chapters and paragraph sections which contain significant revisions of the text. The text itself is color coded to mark the sources for each addition and alternate wording. It also contains a complete apparatus of comparing the proof texts between the confessions and editions. The wording of the confessions is all integrated into one flowing text, but the colored markings allow the reader to easily separate the distinctive wording of each individual confession. (In other words, one can reconstruct each confession separately by following the color code.) A glossary accompanies each paragraph section to explain archaic terms.

We are happy to finally publish Westminster and Her Sisters — Harvey has worked on this project off and on for over twenty years.

You can purchase this e-book (as a PDF) on the Trivium Pursuit shopping cart.

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